Which protein shaker is the best on the market? Is getting one genuinely going to help you alter your eating habits? Definitely, at first glance, most shaker bottles appear to be very identical. On the other hand, protein shakes are more than just plastic storage containers, as any seasoned gym-goer will tell you. They’re the ideal method to mix up a quick dose of protein at any time and in any location, and they’re designed to fuel your exercises on the go.

A good protein shaker will make you eager to take your supplements, whereas a lousy one will put your patience to the test every time your shake spills all over your gym bag. Live Science puts the best protein shakers to the test to see which ones are worth your money. We carefully examined their durability, functionality, and additional benefits.

BlenderBottle Classic V2

The BlenderBottle Classic V2 is one of the most popular protein shakers, and there are several reasons why it continues to be a best-seller. BlenderBottle Classic V2 shakers are available in four sizes and 17 colors, ensuring that everyone may choose one that meets their needs and preferences. In the 20oz, we tested the purple color.

Every bottle has a leak-resistant screw-on lid and a tight flip cover to clean the mouthpiece. The circular form of the BlenderBottle Classic V2 allows for thorough mixing and easy cleaning, while the engraved markings make it simple to measure the contents – both in ounces and milliliters. You’ll like the inclusion of a broad loop top to easily carry or attach keys if you travel or trek frequently.

Only BlenderBottle products come with a surgical grade stainless steel BlenderBall wire whisk. You may rest assured that no matter how many times you put it through its paces, it will not rust. This wire whisk is made of 316 marine-grade stainless steel, which means it can withstand repeated contact with water. We discovered that it blended our protein shake quite well. BlenderBottle Classic V2 is completely dishwashing safe and free of BPAs and phthalates.

HydraCup Shaker Bottle 

HydraCup is the only company that makes dual protein shakers, which allow you to keep two different liquids simultaneously. This is a great option when you regularly use before and after workout supplements. These bottles come in two sizes and three colors, making it simple to select something that suits your needs. This brand’s HydraCup shakers are free of BPA and phthalates, and they can be washed in the dishwasher.

Dual Threat combined and blended nicely in testing, thanks to a dual mixing grid provided with each shaker bottle, and its round design allowed for easy cleaning, which surprised me, given how tight the compartments are. HydraCup products are typically supplied in multipacks, making them a cost-effective and ecologically friendly option to supplement your protein shaker collection.

However, because the mouthpieces are so close together, some people may find these dual bottles difficult to use. We also found it difficult to get the lid on and snap into place. Second, there are no finger loops or hooks on the shaker, so it may be tough to carry around. In addition, none of the bottles in the HydraCup Dual Threat series are insulated or come with a printed scale to aid in measuring.

Helix Vortex

Although the HELIMIX Vortex is in the more expensive category of protein shakers, it is well worth the money. The hexagonal form of the bottle is a distinguishing feature of HELIMIX products. It works as a vortex, perfectly combining your protein drink without leaving any residue or lumps. We couldn’t believe how well it mixed without using a mixing ball. As the ingredients flow into the vortex, they rotate in single direction and then reverse when you shake the bottle up and down. This eliminates the need for whisks or mixing balls, resulting in quick mixing.

All HELIMIX protein shakers are manufactured of odor-resistant TritanTM Plastic, devoid of potentially dangerous chemicals. They’re also surprisingly lightweight and portable. These clear bottles are dishwasher friendly and include a handy graduated scale on the side to help you measure your contents. Furthermore, because HELIMIX shakers fit all cup holders practically, they could be a perfect alternative for weekend vehicle journeys.

However, HELIMIX protein shakers have one major drawback: they only come in one size (28 oz). There are no loops to aid in carrying and no insulation to maintain your contents at a consistent temperature. The HELIX appears to be a high-end device that will survive the test of time.